IntuBoxing Get It!

From day one, when reaching out to some of social media’s Boxing press it was these guys who simply ‘got it’ right away.

Ever since speaking to John @ Intuboxing on the day we launched Buy My Fight, he loved the concept.

This is brilliant! I support anyone that supports Boxers. It’s as simple as that.

Said John Edmans, owner of IntuBoxing.

After speaking to who I now refer to as my ‘Northern Brother’ (So many similarities it’s untrue), we learned about the very admirable studio IntuBoxing currently have in working progress. High quality web cams, video recorders, 4k TV’s, touch screen punditry technology and a stunning IntuBoxing back drop is something you’d imagine SkySports to be proud of!

Well it’s nearly complete so we hear, and we cannot wait to accept our invite to visit in person, to discuss all things boxing and just how Buy My Fight can relieve the ticket selling hassles for Boxers.

If you’re not one of the thousands of followers already, go check them out and give them a follow on social media. You can start here on facebook.

Thanks for the mutual support @intuBoxing