Don’t underestimate Brian Rose’s comeback!

In all walks of the sporting world, we hear of ‘a comeback’ and to be honest, it’s all too often easily said and done but, what makes a difference is “how genuinely, and honestly ARE they really up for the comeback – I mean really up for it?”

I was following Brian’s social content whilst away from home in Los Angeles. He was there, in Huntingdon Beach – a place I’ve been to before but not for a single dead-lift or bag punch. It’s a lovely place full of sun, palm trees and condensation riddled beer bottles…. what’s not to like!

However, when you realise this man is not there for the same reasons, he’s there for an 8-week grueling training camp. It makes you realise;

This bloke’s serious!

Brian could have trained in Blackpool. He could have trained with Bobby the Coach in Manchester. He could have gone away for a week at a time perhaps down to any other British Gym but instead, dedicated his comeback to what suited his best results which happened to be far far away, away from home, away from his wife and children. That’s a tough choice to make which wouldn’t have come lightly.

It was at that moment I reached out to see whether Brian liked what Buy My Fight had to offer for Pro Boxers.

As I often do from most people, I got a barrage of questions back from Brian and his team showing interest but, almost as if it’s too good to be true to find out what the catch is.

Alas! It turns out I’m not a long lost 2nd uncle that happens to be leaving $24,000,000 in my Will and just need a small £5k deposit to open our joint account…. no, none of that 😀 We ironed out exactly how it works, and how it’s zero cost to the boxer, and the fan gets a smaller booking fee than any other site by FAR and, the boxer gets their P&P covered too which is only fair. Most fans don’t realise that this usually comes out the boxers pocket!

“So, it cost me nothing, I get postage fees covered for the first time, I don’t get confused over who’s ordered what, when, and don’t have to chase for addresses and money? It’s all there in one place?”

“In that case, it sounds brilliant. Let’s do it” Said Brian.

We’re really pleased that Brian’s on board with Buy My Fight, it is, of course, a big statement to the Pro Boxer’s out there wondering what the hell we do, and if it’s any good. So thanks for that Brian!

After the Fowler-Fitzgerald fight, there’s been a lot of respectful talk on social media between Fitzy and Rose. They’re both up for the fight as a local derby style match up which is likely to be a crowd puller. Would it be a case of handing over of the batton to a younger generation or, the experience is still the superior tool in the toolbox?

First, we have to see how the comeback fight goes. If training camp efforts are anything to go by, it should be an impressive return to the squared circle!

Buy Tickets for Brian’s comeback fight in Liverpool’s Olympia on April 19th here.