The Common Hassles for a Pro Fighter

Feeling like this when your full-time job is in an office can sometimes be quite normal when dealing with people that mess you around, but replace the shirt and dickie bow tie with gym wear, and it’s exactly the same scenario for a professional fighter!

Imagine walking out of the gym after a morning session, balanced lunch, back for afternoon training followed by 4pm Sparring and THEN, you walk out at 6pm to a barrage of messages from your ‘Get at Me’ social media posts;

Can you hold me 6 Tickets until pay day Bro!

I’ll have 4 Ringside, but can I pay on pay day?

Put me down for 3 please.

The list goes on. Credit? Where’s their address details? How they going to pay? Put me down for 3 what? Ringside, Standard or balcony? ARGHHH!!!!

Time is precious, not just for boxers but everyone.

If there is a way that a simple ticket sale could be easier, where the boxer can go home to their family, read the kids a story before having Netflix and Chill time, then life would be better…..

Enter ‘Buy My Fight’! 

This is what we do! Using BMF is free for Pro Fighters and if used correctly, replacing the personal messages, it’s a dream solution to any boxers camp life. If a fan wants a ticket, they buy it from you directly on your BMF page. Money is paid instantly via card, and it begins to transfer directly to your bank account using ‘Stripe Payments’.

You’re a professional right? So let’s keep up your professional look, as using BMF you can mark each ticket order as dispatched so the fan gets an automated professional looking email notification ‘Tickets are on their way’. You can print a label of the address and tear off slip of the order to make dispatch easier. It’s the way forward!

Got questions? Want help signing up? Drop us a line here.