Sam Eggington Re-Builds

Sam Eggington

We spoke to Sam Eggington today for a catch-up on the aftermath of his recent loss to Liam Smith.

It’s not all doom and gloom

“Too many boxers worry about the perfect record these days. Look, I’m not going to be a hall of famer, I’m not going to be a legend of any sort but I am someone who won’t turn down a single fight opportunity no matter what the odds are. I believe in myself. I have confidence whether the outcome says different or not” said Eggington.

Sam continued to tell us, it isn’t all doom and gloom. He’s still young and has achieved what so many haven’t managed in their entire careers least not at the age of 24. There is a recent silly loss that shouldn’t have happened and a loss where the better man won (Smith), but that doesn’t mean the career stops. Far from it. The previous wins won’t carry Sam forever but it’s a shame they soon get forgotten about (Frankie Gavin, Paulie Malignaggi and winning the European Title in style from Ceferino Rodriguez).

I’ve had a good chat with Barry

After recent chat’s with Barry Hearn from Matchroom Boxing, the plan is to keep active and get some wins under the belt once again. Let’s not worry about TV appearances or being in the limelight. Patience is a virtue, and as Jon Pegg is often preaching “Keep fit and ready” is the key. We have a plan in place to keep busy and either by the end of this year or early next we’ll head into some bigger fights when the timing is right once again but, you never know in this business when things change and come that bit sooner.

“Sponsorship is important. Without the sponsors through both the thick and thin, I couldn’t do this” said Eggington. “Unfortunately a few have left since the last loss and I’m not one to do business on anything other than a handshake, so I respect that, but those that have stayed such as Westbound Logistics Services, I’m truly grateful for and cannot stress enough how important sponsors are to me and all sports people that need to do this full time.”

Sam’s next fight is at the Holte Suite, Villa Park on Tommy Owens Promotions ‘Summer Brawls‘ card – details here.

If you’re interested in helping Sam, or any other boxer on our platform with sponsorship please get in touch. We are more than happy to connect fans/businesses directly to form part of that all-important team.