What’s the story then Matt?

Ryan recently caught up with Matt Sen with only a few weeks to go until a huge platform awaits, at Ultimate Boxxer 4, as he knew there was a bit of history behind the man that’s so hungry to succeed….

Matt Sen
Alias: Slugger
31 Years Old

I consider myself a happy go lucky guy who’s out to just enjoy and live life to the full.

“I’m very much a family man and a proud parent to a beautiful little girl who is my pride and joy”, said Matt.

How did you get into boxing? Why, when?

“I originally got into boxing as got caught up with the wrong group of youths in my early teens and ended up getting into a fight involving weapons (which I do not condone). After feeling disgusted with myself I found a local boxing gym to learn how to fight properly, and fairly. The initial idea was to learn to fight, fight the guy toe to toe and straighten it all out – old school mentality I guess.”

How did it go in the gym early on in your boxing career, and how did that affect your past life?

“Fortunately, whilst learning to box I took on a completely different mindset after understanding just how easy it is to cause serious harm. I no longer wanted revenge in a physical way. It really helped me.

Years later I actually saw the guy that I originally had a problem with. I approached him in front of all his friends and apologised to his face like a real man. Luckily for me, he accepted my apology and things were left there rather than giving me a kicking with his mates.

I boxed for a few years after and fell out of love with it but loved the adrenalin of a fight situation so a friend took me to an MMA gym where I stayed for a few years.

Although I never fought in MMA, I loved the training, but never was confident enough with kicks and takedowns so called that a day a few years in.”

So, did you get back to the Boxing gym where it all started?

“Not quite…I took up bodybuilding and really enjoyed it. I ended up learning a lot about myself mentally and physically due to the extreme diets and the way they push your body to the limits. It was a great experience and I met some amazing people of which some are close friends to this day.

And then, you went to the Boxing gym as an almighty beefcake and kicked ass, right?

“haha! No there’s more to the story yet. This is a complete full circle I promise you. My younger brother, Nathan Stevens was given the opportunity to turn Pro as a boxer and I massively encouraged him. I promised to stay in shape to support him solely to be a sparring partner as after all I occasionally did White Collar Boxing whenever I got itchy feet. It was a good excuse for me to keep fit, whilst supporting my brother and without realising at the time keep me linked to Boxing whether I liked it or not.

Following numerous sparring sessions with Nathan, I was approached with the option of turning Pro myself. After catching my breath from laughing so hard, I asked are you serious? I don’t think it quite sunk in to be honest and perhaps, doubted myself a little to assume it was, in fact, a serious proposition.

I thought nothing of it until I was asked again a few weeks later. My brother and I sat down and discussed the option but my honest thoughts were, I’m too old (29), not good enough, I’d be lucky to win a fight, yet the inevitable happened, I turned Pro and went for it – 2 years on here I am.”

That’s crazy. Most boxers dream about ‘when will they turn pro’ but it sounds like it almost chased you until it hit you in the face. Do you have a plan? Any idea what you can achieve or would like to achieve?

“It’s funny the gifts that life gives you. I guess hard work really does pay off.

Where do we go from here? Honestly? I have no idea… The way my story has panned out so far, I think it’s fair to say I accept my path whatever that may be. I’m chilled out, but mentally and physically strong when it comes to hard work. I’m certainly in a place where I believe in myself, and I’m taking every day as it comes whilst loving my journey in the Pro Ranks.

You’ll see I’m one of the most honest guys in the game and always say it how it is. I never thought I’d even get here so for me I’m already a Winner, but I’m quietly confident there’s more to this story to unravel yet.”

Well it seems the gift you speak of keeps on giving as you’ve recently landed yourself a brilliant opportunity to feature on Ultimate Boxxer’s Cruiserweight competition. £50k prize money and no doubt a springboard into the next stage of the Pro Ranks. Excited?

“Can’t wait! It’s the 19th July so not long now. It’s a HUGE opportunity which I’m taking with both hands. £50k and the Prestigious Golden Robe… Yes Please!

3 x 3 min rounds – It’s perfect for me and my style. I’m in a good place with Eastside Gym too, who have so far taken 2/3rds of Ultimate Boxxer’s Golden Robes so I’m hoping to bring back another one for the team as well as for me.

I can’t wait to get in there and get to work!”


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