Compliments from the Lion!

We’ve had the privilage of working with Brian Rose, which was a scary decision to take on because we know full well, if we get this wrong, or he isn’t impressed with Buy My Fight, we could be doomed…

Here’s what Brian emailed us just last week.

“Hi Mate,

Sorry I’ve not got round to saying thanks. It’s been mad busy since the Fowler fight but I really wanted to say thank you for all your help over the last couple of outings.

I know it was a tough job convincing me and Paul to use your site, and it did seem a bit too good to be true but honestly, even though Paul does most of the ticket stuff for me, it was a huge relief of pressure taken off him which I’m grateful for.

It was the first time I’ve experienced a different feeling during camp. Since asking you to add me to the email notifications too, I loved seeing the orders drop in knowing there’s nothing else to do except posting them out. It sounds weird but, it was like running my own online store. I looked forward to checking my email for order confirmations instead of questions! A lot of my fans are loyal long-term supporters so seeing the familiar names drop in was a buzz.

I wish I found you guys years ago. I think the concept is great as it helps us Boxers but also still means the fans are buying from us direct. It’s a win win situation and just so much easier allround. If there’s anything I can do to help just say.

Thanks mate.


(Yep, you can spread the word on your social media for us please Bri! That’s one hell of a compliment thank you!)  😀