Eggington Appears on Hennessy Show

Eddie & Barry Hearns’ Matchroom Boxer, Sam Eggington is appearing on the Hennessy Sports undercard at the Skydome Arena in Coventry.

“It’s all good, the main thing for me, Barry and the team is getting out and getting the W” said Eggington.

It’s not entirely unusual for one promoter to allow their boxer, to box on another’s show, as long as it’s in the best interest for all parties. In this case it is.

Sam has recently put his wrongs-right, by winning the IBF International Super Welter Title away from home, in Italy last September. He appears under most peoples household boxing radars, and as a consequence most wouldn’t know he is currently ranked no.5 in the world with IBF. Yes, NUMBER 5! IN THE WORLD!

That’s not a bad achievement from a journeyman forklift driver from the midlands….

Does the road end here? Many would have said it ended in 2018 after a shock defeat to Hassan Mwakinyo, but with a quiet ‘under radar’ re-build, he’s now sitting pretty at No.5 in the world, higher than he’s ever been, with a strap in hand that could bring an amazing challenge anytime soon.

You get the feeling this fairytale isn’t quite over.

Tickets for Eggington’s next fight on Midlands home turf can be bought here, with a cracking stacked card featuring stablemate Shakan Pitters (Another Eastside Gym boxer to look out for).