Buy My Fight (BMF) was set up by owners of a business that sponsored past and present Boxers such as Sam Eggington in Great Britain.

We realised that professional fighters in all styles, all over the world, have so much work to do when it comes to selling tickets. We took it for granted as fans, that promotors sell all the tickets. That’s not the case.

Unless you’re Anthony Joshua, Conor McGregor, or Carl Froch selling out a packed Wembley arena, then you’re still expected to sell your own tickets!

BMF is not the actual ticket seller. We are not replacing the promotors, the official venue, or any official ticket selling websites. We are replacing the pen and paper that Fighters use in order to sell their own ticket allocations. We are a facility to the Fighters.

Doesn’t sound too difficult does it?

That’s where you’re wrong. We have seen first-hand, the stresses a Fighter goes through towards the end of a physical and grueling camp, only to have a barrage of messages to contend with asking about tickets.

They’ll be messages via Text, phone calls, Whatsapp, Facebook comments, Messenger, Instagram, Viber and more. Imagine how anyone can collate those orders efficiently without making mistakes, and worst of all collecting payment.

Over 30% of tickets placed via social media/messaging are cancelled when it comes to payment and delivery of tickets.

BMF helps you do this:-

1) Increases your confirmed ticket sale numbers.

2) Earn more commission from your promotor by selling more.

3) Promotes you as a fighter on our platform as new fans find you.

4) Gives you one easy URL link to share across all your social media platforms

5) Gives you a database of ALL your ticket orders to manage dispatch status’ and delivery labels to print or copy from. All in one place without needing to chase!

6) A space to upload your Fight/Event poster image.

7) Gives you the opportunity to deliver yourself locally as usual, or post out (as you’d have charged P&P on your settings) either as you get orders, or until you close off your ticket sales and take them in one hit. You’re in control.

8) Gives you MORE time preparing in the gym where you belong – not scrambling through messages and notes to collect money and plan deliveries.

9) Got Merch? We can add that too! We can link your team wear to your fight tickets and vice versa so that at checkout your fans are aware of what they can buy to support you, not just tickets.