Is it Free to use?

Yes, it’s free to use our platform if you’re a Fighter. The only cost you will have is from the card payment provider. In order to take payments electronically using ‘Stripe’ (an online payment gateway) they charge a small fee which is 1.4% + 20p. This charge is taken directly from Stripe when you withdraw funds. A bit like using eBay or paypal for business, there’s a small charge. However, we guarantee it’ll cost you nothing by the time you balance the totals with P&P included. If not, we’ll refund you the difference. We are that confident!

How does BMF earn its money?

We charge nothing to the Fighter, but a small booking fee to the ticket buyer which will cost no more than a flat white in your local coffee shop! Fans (us included), shouldn’t be concerned about a tiny booking fee as this is everyday norm, for music gigs or the Fight tickets on general sale platforms. This way, we are supporting the Fighter, by buying directly from their batch before needing to go to general sale outlets. It’s the same cost wise, but truly showing support in more ways than just turning up to cheer.

How much will my fans pay exactly?

3.5% of the face value ticket cost. So if you’re selling a lower tier seat for £60, it’ll cost them £2.10 (you see, cheaper than a flat white!)

Do I (the seller) have to charge or pay (as the fan) P&P through BMF?

Yes of course! Fighters probably absorb this now within their ticket commission, but not anymore. Pro Fighters earn very little, so it’s important to support them – we all have a part to play. A postage fee per order is added in store settings. We’ve defaulted it to £4.50 to cover most Royal Mail recorded deliveries. It’s up to the fighter how it’s dispatched, but we’d recommend recorded or hand delivered.

Can I upload more than one fight at a time, if I already know when my next one is?

Yes. You can load up as many fight campaigns as you need. Each one is treated uniquely with its own URL.

Do I have to be a registered business to open a Stripe Payment account?

No. If you haven’t set up as a company trading name don’t worry. You can complete the Stripe Payment account up without a business name if you describe your activities as ‘Collecting Personal Event Money for non Profit.

I'm struggling to get setup. Shall I just throw in the towel and use the little black book again?

No! Throwing in the towel is not part of your makeup! However, it doesn’t mean that sometimes we all need help. We can walk you through the setup, or manage the whole lot for you. Just drop us a line via the contact us page.

How do I know I'm really buying from the Fighter directly?

Firstly, you may have arrived at the site via the Fighters social media post. Check their profile to see if they are the official account. Secondly, we also perform verification tests and once we are satisfied, a ‘Verified Fighter’ badge will be displayed on the Fighters main shop front.

If I didn't want to charge a few close friends postage/delivery, because they collect from me, how do I get around this?

Drop us a message. We can setup a discount code for you to share with your nearest and dearest. Just remember though, the delivery fee is YOURS as the Fighter to put towards all your costs, including the stripe payment fee.

What if I wanted to sell some tickets to my closest friends and family without the booking fee and delivery?

In theory, whilst that doesn’t contribute anything to BMF’s running fees, it’s fine. We too want to support Boxers/Fighters to have an easier camp life. We can setup a Free Delivery discount code AND a general discount of 3.5% to wipe out our fee, but then you’re still having to pay those Stripe fees yourself for taking the payment. What we could therefore do, is give a 100% discount fee so the transaction is completed without paying anything. You would then use the system report to see those who paid £0 that need to give you cash on delivery. It’s long-winded, so we would probably suggest just deduct those tickets from your BMF stock and keep it separate. Remember, your BMF store automatically controls the stock that you input to begin with when tickets are sold, and that stock can be adjusted at anytime within your admin account.

How does BMF benefit me as a Boxer or MMA Fighter?

Firstly, we’re not a magical tool to bring an abundance of new ticket sales to you, but we will benefit you.

You still have to sell your own tickets – we are first and foremostly a replacement of your little black book. So our main benefit is creating an online storefront for you to manage and sell your own tickets easily, by having to share a simple link on your social media pages.

Instead of usually sharing ‘Get at me for tickets‘ you’d share your own BMF page link. This is where the benefits start. No more messages coming at you when you walk out of the gym from Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, PM’s on Instagram and voicemails. It’s all in one neat and tidy manageable place – BMF!

Your account will show you who’s ordered what, when, and how many. It’ll show you their address for posting/delivery and, the money will be instantly in your Stripe account which then makes it’s way directly to your bank account (we don’t see or touch it). As well as your account portal, you’ll get an email notification every time someone orders – it’s like having your own online business!

Secondly, whilst we try to make it clear we’re not magical, it’s inevitable that the more Fighters using BMF means the more fans will come here too. The more fans that visit, the more chance there is of new fans buying from you. After all, it’s not like someone will come to BMF looking to by tickets for Swan Lake, we only help Fighters sell their tickets, so if someone wants visits to buy a specific Fighters tickets, they may then be interested to buy YOUR tickets too.

Can I sell in USA, or Australia or anywhere else other than the UK?

Yes. This is a global platform. We can display your ticket prices in any currency you need. We need a little back office tweak to your account so just give us a shout if you’re setting up and we’ll help you with that. This is why you might notice some crazy ticket prices like £111.73! (That’s because in Australia, a fan would be viewing that based on their location as AUD $ 200) Clever eh!

I've got some #team merch! Can I sell this to my fans as well as tickets using BMF?

Woooh. This is a ticket selling platform, but hold fire. Yes, in fact, we can do that for you. We hide the ‘Merch’ from the main ‘Fighting Events’ page but upload it on to your own dedicated ‘Fighers Page’ for your fans to see. This is so the main site doesn’t get flooded with more Merch than actual fight tickets. What’s really cool, is we can link the Merch to your fight tickets and vice versa, so that when someone buys a Ticket they’ll be offered a #teamShirt or some of your other merch too.