Thanks for taking an interest in BuyMyFight. I’ve created this info page off-record as it’s a more in-depth and personalised explanation.

In very basic terms, using BMF won’t cost you anythingwe guarantee it,

It’ll make your life easier during camp. We noticed the struggles and hassle during camp life whilst our other business sponsors a boxer. That’s why we started BMF after seeing how tough it is for Pro Boxers/Fighters.

We help to stop the barrage of messages/orders/changing of orders/questions and chasing for money during a camp-life.

Whilst we DO help promote your fight page to attract ticket sales, we don’t pretend to be a promoter or any kind of magical boost for ticket sales. That may come as a bonus but ultimately however many tickets you usually sell is roughly the amount (hopefully a bit more) you’ll sell via BMF.

The difference is, you upload the volume of tickets you have, along with prices and share your URL link on each post/social media page instead of “Get at me for tickets!”

It’s kind of an online shop I suppose. Dedicated to you, and fully controlled by you. Think of it as your own sophisticated eBay store but dedicated for Fight Tickets (and possibly Merch! Read on…). You still send out the tickets yourself. You still get to appear at close fans/friends doorstep with the tickets in hand as we know some of them won’t want to lose that! It’s entirely up to you – you get the tickets, you post/deliver them how you want. This is a management tool to make the gathering of orders and payments seamless.

How do we make money? – We don’t actually make a lot, we just need to cover our costs and that doesn’t come from you. We add on a small booking fee of 3.5% to the order. So some quick examples, £40 ticket will cost someone £1.40 extra. £75 ticket will cost them £2.62. £100 = £3.50. Nobody has complained, because quite frankly they won’t – its cheap! Any event/musical or sporting when you buy online gets postage and a booking fee. Looking at official Boxing ticket sites recently were charging 13.5% (£13.50 for a £100 ticket!) on exactly the same venue as one of our BMF fighters event. If only the general public found your page, they’d save money! 😉

If you have family and close friends that won’t want to buy from the site, we strongly recommend you ask them to as it ultimately helps YOU out having orders in one place but, worst case you can deduct from your BMF stock and manually manage some ticket sales in the old school way if you wish.

Check here for some fighters we have already – This is where your fight campaign would appear.

So with or without our help you’d set yourself up an account, fill in your personal details, head over to ‘Stripe Payments’ to setup an account there and return to BMF linking them together, upload your next fight along with ticket details (Likely I will need to help or at least tweak things before you announce it) including a Fight poster, a bit about you as much or as little as you want and a page avatar/banner such as Sam Eggington’s here.

If all that sounded too much, don’t worry. There’s help videos to copy as you sign up, and also I can jump in from where you left off and finish things off.

We are only of use to you if you sell your own fight tickets during camp, on the lead up to a fight.

Otherwise, if you don’t sell your own tickets (which you’d normally grab from the promoters to sell) then you won’t need us at all. Not yet anyway.


If you do, then here is a list of the main benefits:-

The benefits

  1. No more questions of what tickets are available and prices – it’s all here on your fight page. Once people buy, the stock automatically goes down from the initial number you set it as! So you can’t oversell what you don’t have.
  2. You can also remove some stock if you did happen to give some/sell some privately as always, i.e to your family, neighbour etc.
  3. No more chasing cash. People/Fans buy immediately using their card and the money goes directly to you via your own Stripe online payment account which you’ll need to set up and link. There’s a help video during sign up but we can also help on your behalf if you wish.
  4. You can now add Postage/Hand Delivery Fee which you’ve likely never had the chance to before and paid for it out of your own pocket? It would be strange to ask fans on delivering tickets to their door to pay postage/delivery, but online it’s normal. It covers your costs and rightly so!
  5. It won’t cost you a penny (Cent/Dime/Rupee/Baht!). We don’t charge you. However, you’ll need a Stripe Account (A bit like Paypal for business) which takes payments from the public and sends money directly to your account – we can’t control their costs unfortunately but they do charge 1.4% + 20p. It’s not much, and we think a reasonable postage/hand delivery fee will cover this cost as well as the actual delivery costs, but if at the end of camp you’re left short, we will send you the difference. We worked out an average good ticket seller could only likely lose around £40/$60 per fight (only if all the sales happened to be in large batches of 8-10+ and the postage didn’t cover all costs, as opposed to people buying 2 or 4 at a time) so it’s not much for us to put up and cover the risk. So it’ll cost you nothing we guarantee it.
  6. Whilst it’s not the sole purpose of our website, we WILL help with PR. We will push your fight page out on our own social media. You are still your own best PR person but we’ll certainly help.
  7. PR – We have links with IntuBoxing UK and USA. If you’re in the UK then also British Boxing News. We can get you interviews on a platform with over 200k followers whether that’s less or more than yours, think of it as additional exposure. It all helps.
  8. Bringing Fans/Boxers to one place. We believe that the more boxers/MMA Fighters join BMF to sell their tickets, the more it would help everyone without realising. All the correct fans will be in one place. If someone is on to buy your fight, it’s not as if they’re buying tickets for a musical… they like Boxing/Fighting. There are increased chances they might buy someone else’s fight too if they fancy another night out local to them. This can work the other way round. You could end up picking up new fans/sales because people are already on our site buying live fight tickets.
  9. Upsell Merch: We can already add your own merch to your fight pages, and offer items as upsells at checkout. So anyone that buys your fight tickets can see a ‘You may also be interested in this’ – that’s if you have the items yourself and can send out with the tickets. We add postage separately to cover the extra costs.
    1. Or, in the UK at least, we have now linked up with BXF/Boxfit who sponsor boxers with kit and merchandise discounts. They are able to completely design and create team shirts, fight shorts via Suzi Wong and sell your team shirts online whilst holding a commission back for you. This is what they do for the likes of Tyson Fury and many others. For those outside of the UK, we may be able to link with a similar store in future but at least for now, if fulfilling your own t-shirts is workable, we can upload them for you alongside your ticket sales. (Example, look at Kerry Foley from Sydney Australia, or David Seymour from Coventry. He is doing this now).

During your fight Camp, instead of leaving the Gym and having to answer loads of messages, tally up what you’ve sold, how much for and how many you have left, you’ll simply go home, log in to BMF whenever you like and check the summary of sales for that day just to see how it’s going. You also get an email automatically every time someone buys! It’s quite exciting! 😀

Examples of the Summary Dashboard:-



Upsell Merch Example:-


These are the sorts of emails you/we get when you’ve walked out of the gym or woke up in the morning. It’s a completely different way of managing your ticket sales, an enjoyable one! You’ll find yourself checking your email box for confirmation emails.

Hope the above is helpful and sounds good.

To summarise, even if you didn’t even own a laptop – I can help set up everything from start to finish for you. It’s better that you give it a go yourself to get the full benefits of managing your own ticket account but, I can jump in/out as much as needed.