Raising The Bar – 28th Sept – Stoke

Your support for our Impact Boxing show ‘Raising The Bar’ at Kings Hall on 28th Sept is really appreciated.

On this page, you can buy tickets directly from us, which are available in two categories.

  • £35 Standard
  • £60 Ringside

However, you are also able to select from the menu which Boxer you are supporting.

This ensures you are not only buying directly using the easiest method, but also ensuring we can track who receives the correct rewards for their ticket sales.

Buying from our #BuyMyFight page helps us manage ticket sales easier, and helps our Boxers stay focused on the job instead of worrying about ticket sales.

Your support in this way is hugely underrated. We appreciate it! 🙏🏼

See you there!


Venue: Kings Hall, Stoke on Trent.  //  Doors Open: 7pm  //  First Fight: 7:30pm


*More Boxers being added soon