You’re life as a ticket seller just got easier, and you can concentrate on doing what you do best – in the gym, preparing.


However, only if you understand the golden rule;

Buy My Fight, is only going to work if you DONT give fans an option.

i.e If you share on social media something like this:

You can grab tickets here on my BuyMyFight page www.url—–.com and link in my bio, or DM me you’ve ruined it. 🙁

It won’t work because fans, friends, long-lost friends, and acquaintances will always take the Direct Message route if they can. People will get confused that DM’ing you is buying direct from you, or simply want to show off the fact they’ve had a chat with you directly over tickets. That’s great, but it means you get tied into a conversation x how many ticket buyers there are, and you have to tally up what they want, how many, what their address is, and chase for payment. As well as dealing with time wasters that say they want tickets but go quiet when it’s time for you to chase up and get money. It completely defeats the object of what BMF is supposed to do for you.

If you want Buy My Fight to work, this is what you need to do;

Facebook & Insta

“You can grab tickets directly from me here, using my page on #buymyfight. www.example-url— link in my bio (for insta). Grabbing tickets from me here makes my life so much easier. The tiny booking fee covers the card payments which is easier for you and me, but by doing so you’re genuinely supporting me the best way possible as all orders arrive into my inbox, and I’ll personally get the tickets to you from there, as usual. Thanks”

Or something along those lines in your own words.

For Twitter and shorter reminders on all platforms

“Dont forget to grab your tickets from me directly here, using my page on #buymyfight Once they’re gone, they’re gone. Really appreciate your support.” (Add link in my bio for Insta)

Obviously, there will always be your close family, gym mates and a few friends that will still give you cash and find it easier to come to you in person. That’s fine, and we are not here to control all of your ticket sales 100%, it’s purely to help you. So what we suggest is stick to the above rule but keep it off-line and private between text/in person if you’re going to make yourself available to take a few pen and paper orders.

It’s free to use BuyMyFight. We don’t mind anyone giving it a go, but for those that follow the rule and really commit to getting tickets sold using the one seamless method of online orders, we will support those more with our own promotional material and even paid for boosted posts.

Have a good Camp!